how to make that press 2 keys in onplayerkeystatechange

hey guys,

ive tried alot of things to make it that when a player is driving so he presses W cuz else the car wont go forward to drive, and then when he presses LCTRL WHILE still pressing W the car should make a wheelie... but it aint working , i tried alot of things to make that work, but i still cant press them both, it only works now when i release W and then press LCTRL , how to make it that i can press them both, but not at same time, so first press W and then when im over 100 kmph then i press LCTRL and that it then should make a wheelie?, anyone knwos the code for that?

the keys i use for it are:

key action is the LCTRL and keysprint is W button...

please help i tried alot of things but i just cant find out how to do that

greets niels

Check this out

With all due respect ****** that page is 50 pages long so it would be easier just to tell him.

pawn Код:
if(newkeys & KEY_ACTION && newkeys & KEY_SPRINT)
Sent from iPhone so there may be a typo.

sorry for long waiting response guys, but i was not at home so i couldnt response, anyways thnx for the help guys, and ******, i already read that page but i couldnt find the good one, but still thnx for your response, and mp2 and aira thnx for telling me that i had wrong key entered XD, and thnx for telling me the right thingy for pressing 2 buttons

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