want to cancel a line in chat (pls help +rep)

i want to make this first line of the chat dissapear so tht the textdraw behind it is visible

pls help
help = plus rep+++++


Instead of clearing the line Move your textdraw (don't tell me that you are the master of lazy)

Not possible, there is only /pagesize

can i make the textdraw on the top of the chat

Well, to be honest it's possible, but that would really fuck up chat.log, and big memory usage, and a lot CPU eating... You can hide it by storing those 9 sentences into string, and then Send just empty message and then those strings, but you must watch out that when player says something, where to place it, what to return, and where to return....

can anybody do it for me?

It's not easily possible. You'd be using a lot of memory and processing. Just move the textdraw.

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