[GameMode] ExtremeZone SA-MP 0.3D

My first gamemode
Rep +
Look into the GM for more information.
Sorry I didn't put some information but the GM is worth it.

built in radio system also
and also build in neon system
and vip
lots of vip commands
lvl 1-2


If you like the GM just hit rep +

good job

Tell More about server and add pictures you might get more rep and downloads

No Pictures / Not Enough Information, No Download.

As this used to be my gamemode i gave this person my gamemode for releaseing it information? here is some
This gamemode contains the list below.
It is a freeroam/dm/gangwar with costom neon system vip system more cars around lv contains better enter points the radio part was in my 0.3E rc6 all my new stuff was in there i think he still has my copy of it not exactly sure but anyway to continue there is also level of admin commands 1-4 with lots of commands also has lots of vip commands (Working on vip house for it after summer) it has many dm area's witch also gains money also it has teleport commands.And starting off in a house after register you spawn auto into the unused safe house were icons are with rules commands help and vip help (Witch can be changed in gamemode its self) also new spawn weapons for diffrent classes also has custom maps (maped by oscar him self) as he was the 1 who help make this hope thats enough info for people who read it

Good job + rep

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