Simple question i guess

ok so i got this gtaiv ammunation shop fs for a friend
but my question is out can i remove the ammo boxes for the weapons to go like in the video
the id for the object is 18105 according to mta map editor
but DestroyObject(18105); doesnt remove it..
and the guns spawn in the boxes..
help would be nice.. thanks

These boxes are part of the object interior (1 object for the whole interior!), so not even RemoveBuildingForPlayer would work. You can't do anything but map a completely new ammunation or change the object position.

Also, DestroyObject wouldn't work in this case, because it will remove an object ID by the server. For example if you add 5 objects, and use DestroyObject(3); it will destroy the third object (overall).

alright thats sucks i was hoping i could remove it cause the ammo boxes that are sititng there are a seperate object from the int building itself

Solution found and problem fixed Used

Global "RemoveBuildingForPlayer"


should have looked more before posting :\ but thanks anyways repped for sparking the search with removebuildingforplayer

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