Exception 0xC0000005 at 0x4CA013

I am running a server where sometimes on spawn this exception occours and even sometimes freezes the client. At the beginning some of the players from my server experienced the issue whre they were not able to start playing in the server because of this freeze, then more players were complaining and then more. Once the freeze occoured to myself and sometimes just exception in chatbox appears with no client freeze.

Removed objects but still the same exception.

Might come down to using SetPlayerSkin in OnPlayerSpawn. I've heard some possible fixes by setting a timer.

Nope, using that only when player is spawned - Stop googling cos I did already... -_-

Did you remove all objects (not standard SA map)?
Could you tell me the location? I seem to always get this problem in LS, near Unity mostly.

its random location for every player, And I noticed when exception occoured to me some of the nearest default map objects were not textured properly.

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