How to comunicate with a FS from another FS

I wan`t to make a FS and in that fs to use some other FS and i don`t know how can i comunicate with them.
The first FS is using one Dialog and from that dialog you can do everything,and in second FS i want to comunicate with that dialog.
I tryed to do something like this
ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, 3000.....);
3000 is DialogId from another fs but is not intercalated..any idea?

pawn Код:
Returns Returning 0 in this callback will pass the dialog to another script in case no matching code were found in your gamemode's callback.

It`s working,Thanks.

CallRemoteFunction("OnDialogResponse","iiiis",play erid, dialogid, response, listitem, inputtext[]);

this could help, not sure if it will work, or make public OnDialogResponseEx and redirect it to FS OnDialogResponse.


pawn Код:
CallRemoteFunction("OnDialogResponseEx","iiiis",playerid, dialogid, response, listitem, inputtext[]);

public OnDialogResponseEx(playerid, dialogid, response, listitem, inputtext[])
OnDialogResponse(playerid, dialogid, response, listitem, inputtext);
return 1;

Not sure for that.
Thanks anyway,fixed with return 0; to OnDialogResponse

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