\pawno\include\streamer.inc(221) : error 017: undefined symbol "MAPICON_LOCAL"

I'm using a old game mode it has no plugins.
The objects was invisible so I installed ingicto's 2.6 streamer.
I've done that before and it worked fine but this time I'm getting an error :

C:\Users\2\Desktop\samp03dsvr_R2_win32\pawno\inclu de\streamer.inc(221) : error 017: undefined symbol "MAPICON_LOCAL"

If you have any idea, share it please

Thanks in advance, Adam.

Try updating the includes, if it really is that old.

I updated them, downloaded the new 2.6.

Download the SAMP 0.3d R2 Windows server files again. Download Icognito's Streamer again. Extract them in new folders. Copy , streamer.inc to Pawno>Include. And streamer.dll and streamer.so to plugins folder.

Try then!

Re-download sever patch,

Or put this in top of your script:
pawn Code:
#define  MAPICON_LOCAL 0

Thanks guys, solved.

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