Black Ops 2 Revealed

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Don't look too bad, but im not so sure about the 'future warfare' idea. Opinions, discuss.
Don't bash, or start something silly that will end up getting this topic locked.

I see samp "black ops 2" servers coming...

looks like they made some nice changes and additions. Lets wait for multiplayer mode announcements, as this is the most relevant part. But I guess it will just be like before - just some changes and additions, but no real innovation.
Seriously, one new cod game every year simply is unrealistic. Technically this forces you to use the last game as a base, so cod games always be basically the same.

I hope they add a REAL coop...

Originally Posted by Joe Staff
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I hope they add a REAL coop...

OT: Atleast treyarch listens we asked for something different and they listened can't wait till to play the game (hope it doesn't feel as mw3)

seems aight.

Just like the last few COD's, the graphics look terrible. It seems they have added vehicles as well which seems interesting.
I hope Activision will finally give me a reason to go out and buy this "yearly upgrade" of COD. We will see.

If you listen closely you can hear all the mindless CoD sheep flocking to their nearest retailer with 60 dollars in their hands.

LMAO @ AngryUnibrow

It looks okay, I'm sort of sceptical about the 'future warfare' though, as said previously.

God please not future. I had enough of that 'heart beat' bullshit. If they are making this future shit I will not buy it. Ill rather buy MW 4, but I think its the end of MW. Well a different story would be cool also

Not impressed- at all.

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