Mysql error


Using the Crashdetect script I have identified where your script is crashing. The crash trace is;

[20:52:59] [debug] Server crashed while executing EVG.amx
[20:52:59] [debug] Backtrace:
[20:52:59] [debug] #0 native samp_mysql_fetch_row () from sampmysql.DLL
[20:52:59] [debug] #1 0018be30 in ?? () from EVG.amx
[20:52:59] [debug] #2 0005dd78 in public OnGameModeInit () from EVG.amx

When you call samp_mysql_fetch_row () at some point, the operation fails. Unless you enable debugging symbols in your script (see no further information can be obtained. As an easy debugging solution, I would suggest printing each query to the server log before executing it so that you can see what query causes the crash.

This is an answer I've got from KingJ about my server.
Just to mention it works find on my computer, how comes these error comes up now?
Some one understood him? Because I didn't.

Apparently a query is crashing your server. He tells you to debug every query to see which query is causing the crash.

And here is how you debug queries:
pawn Код:
print("[DEBUG] Query 1 - Before");
print("[DEBUG] Query 1 - After");
Do this at all your queries. Make sure to rename them so you know which query causes the problem.

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