Q: Drugs System

Hey Lads,

I'm Currently Making an Advanced Drug(s) System.
Currently i'm Creating the Drug "Weed/Marijuana"
Created a Enum, Ect, Created a Few Commands, Now For Planting...

So I'm Currently Working Alonge Through my System.
But I've Come to a Halt, I'm Wondering How i Can Make them Plant, Basically Anywhere on Grass.

Would i Create a Enum, Store My Positions, Like... I'm Really Not Sure.

I'd Really Appreciate Any Help on This,
Also Wouldn't Mind a Couple of Tips/Ideas for my Drug System, Their Also, More then Welcome



Yes you can do that.

Its not possible to detect if player is standing on grass , im pretty sure in that

Alright, Cheers

You could get all areas with grass, but that would take a lot of time. You could make it so it's not worth to plant them at a visible location. For example, other players could steal them.


You could make it so it's not worth to plant them at a visible location


Cheers For the Reply,
Although I Dont Really Get What You Mean Above, and I'm Just Making it, From the House X,Y,Z, You Can Plant Within 40(Radius) == Backyard, So Chyeah.

You could use IsPlayerInArea and make an area somewhere out there in a field in the asscrack of the country, and also make it available for them to grow in their player-owned houses? Goodluck

Vincent, Awh Dude.
Why Diden't I Think of That, Aha.
Cheers, fo' yo' Help!

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