SA Multiplayer Problem

I've done all the installing correctly (I think) and when i open to connect to HBG LS Roleplay the game loads up and show San Andreas Beach in the background and says it's trying to connect to the server and then disconnects says it's trying again and it just keep doing than until i shut it down

Any would appricate any help given and i can't wait to join the servers because the game is still one of the best

Make sure that you have the correct client version.

Let us know if this solves your error.

I tryed to connect to another server it worked

I'm trying to connect to elite rp server so if it works for other servers and not that one maybe i don't have a car package or something that's my best guess

No, you have to make sure that the server that you are trying to join matches the client version you have.

how do i find that out i have the lastest multiplayer program

On every server in the client, there's a section saying version, towards the right at the bottom below the list of players.

i've clicked on the elite rp server but the players don't show on the right hand side but the client for multiplayer im using is 0.3d

You sure the server is running? If yes, then as freddy said, the server might not match the samp client version that you are using.

Yeah someone usually runs a stream while playing it all of the time ip address is

That server version is 0.3d-r2 and im using San Andreas 0.3 so i guess thats the problem thanks v much

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