Can This be impossible!

Hey guys greeting all have a nice day i rly got question here

can i connect the mysql with my forum can i do it ?? with out use phpmyadmin ?? if there any way please explian to me ...

I'm not totally sure, but I think there is either a way of doing external connection or simply install the forum on where your mysql is. I'm not experiencing a lot in those things, but do more research.

Thanks anyway if there someone else could help tell me how to create database in my forum ?

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Thanks anyway if there someone else could help tell me how to create database in my forum ?
Wait, do you mean creating database, in order to install a forum? If not, why creating database is required for you, and what for?

i need to make like this i dont know my mysql data to be localhost i want to be in my forum like instead of phpmyadmin other thing that other can access it for example me and the other owner can access to database that what i want !

I can barely understand you, but from what I understood. If you want to enable access for other people, you first need to open port 80, and if having a router, you must do it on router as well. Ehm... instead of phpmyadmin, you need to go to where ever your www directory is, and extract forum files, and simply install. And when it asks you for database information, you create a database, and enter his details. I hope this somehow affects your question.

Thank you very much this help me i hope i could give 1 million Rep !

thanks for help you can add me in email :P

I'm glad that helped you, and I'm not a big fan of emails. Not checking, or using it unless I need it for registering things.

Thank you, anyway.

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