Sa-mp server.

I just wanna ask if SAMP have there own server?

and where they test all the new version of SAMP?

Thanks BlueBerry.

No they don't have a official server where people can join

So where they test the new version of SAMP ?

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So where they test the new version of SAMP ?
On their home server or the popular servers like NGRP

I assume they have a test server purely for testing. The SA-MP Team as a whole don't have a public server for everyone to play on, though a lot of them individually have their own servers.

And yeah (as Dripac said) it is my understanding that the servers of the beta testers often test the new releases on their servers first, before they are made public.

SA:MP doesn't have a Public Server.

You can though look in the "Internet" or "Hosted" Tabs and possibly find a server that which is Public, and your type.

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