Fatal Error

pawn Код:
format(globalcar1[playerid],sizeof(globalcar1[playerid]),"%s\t\t (UID: %d)",aVehicleNames[ model1[playerid] - 400 ],PlayerInfo[playerid][pCarKey1]);
error 001: expected token: "]", but found "-identifier-"
warning 215: expression has no effect
error 001: expected token: ";", but found "]"
error 029: invalid expression, assumed zero
fatal error 107: too many error messages on one line

Why has the dest string been set to player specific?

pawn Код:
format(globalcar1,sizeof(globalcar1),"%s\t\t (UID: %d)",aVehicleNames[ model1[playerid] - 400 ],PlayerInfo[playerid][pCarKey1]);
There you go.

because otherwise its set for other players too, look at this: https://sampforum.blast.hk/showthread.php?tid=332901

No, that is silly, you are trying to set a set to be player specific.

That won't work.

You send the dest string in a SendClientMessage or in a Dialog to a specific player.

So what I have done is right.

I know but how can I fix my issue?

I haven't really looked into it, also why are you attempting to store a format() into a string?

Basically, I'm using dialog response and I want to store car name to use as reponse because I cant use case ==, as if you dont have car1 and have car2, car1 wont be

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