Anti Cheat System

I was wondering if anyone knew of a Good anti cheat system..
All guns are allowed by ADMINS, but if someone spawns one, say using s0biet they would get banned?
Money hack
Health hack?

I tried using LuxAdmin but you have to add weapons to it.

I like the Anti cheat system from Calgon's server but I can't really find one like that.

Try JunkBuster.

And also, JunkBuster has been discontinued by Double-O-Seven so JunkBuster 11 is the latest version.

You also have to make it compatible with Lux Admin so you need to add
pawn Код:
#include <ladmin>
at the top of the Junk Buster filterscript.

Junk Buster gives me tons of errors, even if I try removing them (I dont wanna use JunkBuster anyway)

Has anyone got any others?

Jb Is the best anti cheat .Try to fix it.Add Jb include in all ur filter script.and follow 10 Rules of JB

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