{Rep++}HouseSystem problem!!![Made with YINI;****** help,please]

So,my house system works almost perfect,just that when I restart server,houses delete,and I realised why.I followed a good tutorial,and here's the piece of code I followed:
pawn Код:
stock CreateHouse(HouseName[], CostP, Float:EnterX, Float:EnterY, Float:EnterZ, Float:TeleX, Float:TeleY, Float:TeleZ, Interiorx, SellP)
    format(HouseInformation[houseid][Hname], 100, "%s", HouseName);
    HouseInformation[houseid][costprice] = CostP;
    HouseInformation[houseid][EnterPos][0] = EnterX;
    HouseInformation[houseid][EnterPos][1] = EnterY;
    HouseInformation[houseid][EnterPos][2] = EnterZ;
    HouseInformation[houseid][TelePos][0] = TeleX;
    HouseInformation[houseid][TelePos][1] = TeleY;
    HouseInformation[houseid][TelePos][2] = TeleZ;
    HouseInformation[houseid][sellprice] = SellP;
    HouseInformation[houseid][interiors] = Interiorx;
    format(fquery, sizeof(fquery), "SELECT houseowner FROM HOUSEINFO WHERE housename = '%s'", HouseName); //You can notice the definition of the owner in the stock HERE
    queryresult = db_query(database, fquery);
    if(db_num_rows(queryresult) != 0) db_get_field_assoc(queryresult, "houseowner", HouseInformation[houseid][owner], 24);
    HouseInformation[houseid][checkpointidx][0] = CreateDynamicCP(EnterX, EnterY, EnterZ, 1.0);
    HouseInformation[houseid][checkpointidx][1] = CreateDynamicCP(TeleX, TeleY, TeleZ, 1.0, 15500000+houseid, Interiorx);
    if(!HouseInformation[houseid][owner][0]) format(fquery, sizeof(fquery), "House Name: %s \n House Price:$%d \n Sell Price: $%d", HouseName, CostP, SellP);//HERE is used the Owner variable to properly load the house
    else if(HouseInformation[houseid][owner][0] != 0) format(fquery, sizeof(fquery), "House Name: %s \n Owner: %s", HouseName, HouseInformation[houseid][owner]);//SAME as before
    HouseInformation[houseid][textid] = CreateDynamic3DTextLabel(fquery, 0xFFFFFF, EnterX, EnterY, EnterZ + 0.5, 50.0);
    houseid ++;
    return 1;
And I nicely converted that to YINI,but I have no idea how to define Owner variable in the stock,so the house would load properly[really now,MySQL is in my point of view a really strange coding language data base]:
pawn Код:
stock CreateHouse(Price,Float:EnterX,Float:EnterY,Float:EnterZ,Float:ExitX,Float:ExitY,Float:ExitZ,Layout,Float:TeleX,Float:TeleY,Float:TeleZ)
   HouseInfo[houseid][DefaultPrice] = Price;
   HouseInfo[houseid][EnterPos][0] = EnterX;
   HouseInfo[houseid][EnterPos][1] = EnterY;
   HouseInfo[houseid][EnterPos][2] = EnterZ;
   HouseInfo[houseid][ExitPos][0] = ExitX;
   HouseInfo[houseid][ExitPos][1] = ExitY;
   HouseInfo[houseid][ExitPos][2] = ExitZ;
   HouseInfo[houseid][Interior] = Layout;
   HouseInfo[houseid][TelePos][0] = TeleX;
   HouseInfo[houseid][TelePos][1] = TeleY;
   HouseInfo[houseid][TelePos][2] = TeleZ;
   HouseInfo[houseid][hPickup] = CreatePickup(1273,1,EnterX,EnterY,EnterZ,-1);
   HouseInfo[houseid][ehPickup] = CreatePickup(1272,1,ExitX,ExitY,ExitZ,-1);
   new string[250];
   if(!HouseInfo[houseid][Owner][0]) format(string,sizeof(string),"{FOR SELL}\nPrice:%d$",Price);
   else if(HouseInfo[houseid][Owner][0] != 0)//So,HERE I "load" the house,but of course,who is the owner
      if(HouseInfo[houseid][hSell]==0) format(string,sizeof(string),"Owner:%s",HouseInfo[houseid][Owner]);
      else if(HouseInfo[houseid][hSell]==1) format(string,sizeof(string),"{FOR SELL}\nOwner:%s\nSell price:%d$",HouseInfo[houseid][Owner],HouseInfo[houseid][SellPrice]);
   HouseInfo[houseid][hText] = Create3DTextLabel(string,COLOR_BLUE,EnterX,EnterY,EnterZ+0.5,50.0,0,0);
   return 1;
Finnaly,my question is how would I be able to adapt this line of code:
pawn Код:
format(fquery, sizeof(fquery), "SELECT houseowner FROM HOUSEINFO WHERE housename = '%s'", HouseName);
to my code?

Just dowload or view house scripts in filterscript section. It will help u.

Don't you get it,I wanna follow tutorials,and that's the only thing I don't understand,THE ONLY,so,:P..Anyone else?[Anyway,I appreciate your help]

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