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hello guys i have a problem with dialogs i will explain my problem :
first of all im using a systeme of dealership on a Filterscript and im using too a house systeme Filterscript the probleme is when i /rcon loadfs dealershipcar i will get cars on dealership spawned ..etc all works fine i can buy i can edit i can park with dialogs and when i add too /rcon loadfs house the houses loads but when i go to the cars of dealership and i try for exemple /vmenu i get the menu but when i perss 'Park' nothing happning the dialog closes but it not parking but when i /rcon unloadfs house like that i can park i get message ex ; you parked the car ...

anyway if you can guys help me i can send you the dialogs id's of Dealership & Houses and find for me the bug & thanks a lot

Maybe that's definitions of dialogs on top of your gm, or simply the conflict returns to the mode of its filterscript, try the next place that has all the dialogs in your mode to return 1; and the filterscript to return 0;

who can help me with more explication i didnt understand from Funeral :/ & thanks you

Is from dialog ids.
Change it,you have same id and on House System and on Car system

Returns	Returning 0 in this callback will pass the dialog to another script in case no matching code were found in your gamemode's callback.

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