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..:: Server Scripting & Discussion ::..

..:: Information ::..
This is an offer for servers that are looking to get started, under development, or just in need of a scripter, to find one. If your are looking/in need of a scripter, you have come to the right place. I have almost 2 years scripting experience, and I am looking for the right place to put my skills to work.

..:: Requirements, Rules, and Misc ::..
- Must have Skype/MSN
- Must stay active on the server
- I will provide the teamspeak if necessary
- All hired staff must be agreed upon by current staff (I.E: Owner and scripter)
- We will NOT advertise in other servers to attempt to gain players
- As scripter, i expect access to server files (For frequent updates)
- Any scripting suggestions will be inserted into a list for me to complete, not demanded
- These Requirements, Rules, and Misc are subject to change at any time without prior notice

..:: Scripting Experience ::..
I can pretty much script anything. I have a small weakness in saving files, and i say that by meaning i cant script saving files from memory like i can everything else. But, this is no big deal, as guides are abundant across ******.

..:: Application Format ::..
Server Status(Starting Up/In Development/Need Scripter):
Do you agree to the Requirements/Rules(Yes/No):

..:: Contact ::..
- PM on forums
- MSN:
- Skype: josh.beverly

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