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I'm starting a series of tutorial videos on *******, I have the first one uploaded and I hope to get a second up either tonight or tomorrow. Since this is my first time uploading self scripted/recorded videos to ******* I am in dire need of suggestions on anything from changes to how I do things, to what i should cover. I apologize in advance for the audio, I will be purchasing a real microphone soon but for now I'm using a cellphone headset through an Xbox controller.

The Video: [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMa6Nk-bCAg[/ame]

Please feel free to reply to the thread or comment on the video for suggestions, Thank you!

I think u have posted this at wrong section.
Place it at Tutorials

Well, i was hoping for some discussion If a mod could move it for me that'd be appreciated.

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