Capturing Zones In 30 Seconds! (REP++)

Hey Guys! I am making a great server. Like "Call Of Duty". I totally made It. But also had some problems. I shared these problems on sa-mp and you all guys Help Me. I am Very Thank Full to You All. I wish You Best Of Luck In YoUR lIFE.

I have 1 Another Problem
====> I want capture zone system. I can create zones. But i don't know how to make them capturing and then they change their colour.
I want this system like when in zone area their will be flag icon on map and there will red checkpoint. When we go in that check point The zone on radar start blinking colours and after 30 seconds it changes to a team colour who is capturing. If the capturing player colour will be blue and if he will belong to USA team then The zone will change to green and he will get 5 scores and his team will get 1 scores and some money....
I know its hard.

But Please Please Please help Me. I 'll put his name in my server credits..

use the search.

These are gang war zones. But i have Team and i don't want to start zone war with fighting i written above.
@StreetGt if you don't know than don't post here. I know you are only increasing your posts....
Any one??

there are a lot of tutorials how to use Gang Zones, and how you can make it dominable.

Save the gangzone minx/y and maxx/y then when player capture the zone create a timer for 30 seconds then if no one stops them change the minx/y and maxx/y of the team who capture the other team zone from the file. then change the team (which the one who lost the zone) zone minxx/y and maxx/y. Your idea is very unique.

Ok thnx All. It didn't help me. I was saying if you give me 1 sample than i'll do it all. But Thnx Any Way

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