[GameMode] StreetRod SA-MP v1.0 Beta

Street Rod SA-MP V1.0b

Do you remember this totally awesome game?


Well, this mod tries to bring back some of those memories!


* Some races portrayed in this video were stripped of some objects due to a problem at that time with 0x000000C5 exceptions. The items are restored inside the packages available for download. I have to make a better video when I have some time available.


I started this mod a year ago and then left it for a year. I retook the scripting a month ago and been trying ever since to finish it.
As for right now, the gamemode is still a beta, though it'll have to be re-written from scratch to make it cleaner and more stable once finished. I tried to fix as many bugs as I found, but still has a long way to go to be 100% stable.
I want to release this beta to the public so everyone can test it, find bugs and provide some feedback if you really like it or not.
Since this is a beta, there are a lot of features half finished or not very well presented, but looks is the last thing I'm going for right now.

  • More than 640 race recordings ( each vehicle has it's own recording, so you are racing the actual car and not just one recording with just one vehicle ).
  • 60+ vehicles to race against!
  • 10 different races total with 3 different styles.
  • 3 Race styles: Road race ( long races through checkpoints ), Aqueduct race ( try to beat your opponent dodging some challenging objects ) and Drag race ( prove who's the fastest car in a straight face-to-face challenge ).
  • You can put your money or better yet, if you feel confident, your car with the pink-slips challenge!
  • A garage where you manage everything about your car!
  • Buy vehicles at the car shop, win them at races or sell them for the money.
  • 19 vehicles to buy from the car shop ( leaving room for 40+ vehicles to win racing )
  • Engine tuning ( similar to Street Rod ).
  • Vehicle plate customization.
  • NFS Nitro style.
  • Inside car camera option.
  • Alternate weather.
  • Race against NPCs or test your skill against human players!
  • Replenish you car's fuel tank through an interactive way.
  • Save and loading is using Draco Blue's DjSon, wich I think is awesome and very fast as it uses a cache to do everything.
  • Many more!...
Some improvements I'm planning:
  • Make drag races unique by creating a totally different mode of gameplay.
  • Each type of race will give different options when making a bet.
  • Make some unique customization options for vehicles. There's just one now to add neon to every car.
  • Add tournaments and special events ( they will be available only on certain days of the month ).
  • Add unique NPCs to race against.
  • Set the game length to one month, after which a winner will be declared, restarting the whole gamemode again.
  • Add a replay feature for races ( I have this half finished. Is not present in this release, but will be maybe in the next ones ).
  • Make a pub where every player can go to chill out and show off he's car.
  • Sell a car for half it's price or place it a showroom where a human player can buy it from you, giving you a chance of getting more money.


- Please report any bugs, as there are a lot of them for sure. I tried to fix as many as I could, but there are still some unresolved ones which I'll be working on in the next weeks.
  • Some recordings are half finished ( this means that sometimes you will see another's car crashing to a wall or switching lanes when it shouldn't.
  • Lobby ( Parking Lot ) or races against human players can be bugged. Didn't have time to test it recently, but I will in the coming days.
Scripts & credits:
  • YSI & Whirlpool by ******
  • Speedcap by Slice.
  • Bad vehicle mod protection ( don't remember who did it! )
  • Shrewd Time Weather System by varthshenon
  • Elegy Turbo by Ronaldo_raul
  • DjSon by Draco Blue
  • Zinglish's GetVehicleName Include
  • MRandom by Cyber_Punk
  • Progress bar by Infernus
  • Useful functions ( credits in the file )
  • Textdraw Animations ( by me )


- 07-Oct-12: Small gamemode fix: http://www.sendspace.com/file/euyhog

Complete package:

- 06-Oct-12: http://www.sendspace.com/file/deacxo

Still needs major bug fixing, but for now, is the best i can do with the little time i have.

Don't forget to rep :P

I'd have to say this is pretty amazing.

It's the best GM. You are GOD>>> =)

very gooooooood!

This is simply great I wonder why you decided to release it ... it could turn out in a nice server

Thanks to everyone. Leave your comments of what you think of the gamemode so far (if you already tested it), and yes, it would be nice to see a server using this gamemode so I can play in it


wow this is insane by far the most amazeing gamemode for people and by looks of it its not noob compatable lol very good

This looks pretty damn amazing, great job! I'll be sure to try this out

This is amazing gamemode, going to try it out when i have time, especially with the NPC.

This is absolutely amazing.

Clearly a lot of effort went into this. Fantastic job, very creative.

Did anyone test it?

I want some feedback to know what can I improve ( there's a lot to improve, though ).

Ver Very Nice GM..

Doesn't work? It shows: Loading Your Garage...
but nothing appens.

EDIT: I haven't add all filterscripts and I did set maxnpcs to 0. Sorry.

OMG this is awesome! And create RPG/RP gamemode in San Fierro, if you can (And sorry for bad english)


Edit: There are some files on scriptfiles which are missing!

Good Job

damn man... this gamemode ROCKKSSS!! NIIICCEEEE well done GRATZ dude REP+ your the scriptKING man

EDIT: im now trying to make it for 0.3d, but it would be nice if you also put a 0.3d version here... cuz its really hard to make it 0.3d cuz of the movecamera... is it badly if i remove the movecamera callbacks everywhere?

EDIT: i didnt made it to get it to 0.3d too many things implementet, it would suck the gamemode, anyways how to do it that you see the steering wheel? inside the car...

Very good

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