What should i gonna do?

Ok this is about roleplay question.
i need some suggestion from you guys, what should i gonna do to the hospital near in Vinewood

i already use the Hospital in Glenn Park (Which is i use for Healing when player dies)
so what should i gonna do to the Hospital in Vinewood?

after-life spawns as a dog?


Great idea but i mean i don't want after his life being human he will turn to dog lol i mean what should i gonna do to the other Hospital (the Vinewood Hospital)

I Havent Played Roleplay Much But you Can Maybe
Make pickups There
For Health Armor Drugs And medicines?
Or When Player Have Health Lower Than 10
It just Teleports Player To this Hospital

Originally Posted by jamesbond007
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after-life spawns as a dog?

Reklez you should make this I LIKE THIS!I want to be a dog when I died[In ur server]

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