How to "mark" coordinates?


i have this code:
It works but the problem is that sometimes the 2 pickups are created at the same place.
How could i prevent multiple pickups beeing created at the same coordinates?
Os there a way to do it?

pawn Код:
//random coordiantes:
new Float:RandomPoint[2][5] =

//creation code:
            for(new i; i < 1; i++)
                RRush = random(sizeof(RandomPoint));
                PickUp[1] = CreatePickup(1241,3,RandomPoint[RRush][0],RandomPoint[RRush][1],RandomPoint[RRush][2],0);
            for(new i; i < 1; i++)
                RRush = random(sizeof(RandomPoint));
                PickUp[2] = CreatePickup(1212,3,RandomPoint[RRush][0],RandomPoint[RRush][1],RandomPoint[RRush][2],0);
+rep for help, thx

Mark Coordinates?

I Dont Understand you very Well, but

/save (Comment) - Saves to Coordinates to a Save Log File. (Located in your Documents/GTA User Files/SAMP

The Coordinates Look Close(ish) to Each Other, So, I Dont Really Know What you Mean.

Cheers Ezay

as you can see in the code above im trying to create pickups using a randomizing function.
So due to this randomizing the pickups are spawned somewhere random at the coordinates given in the array.
But sometimes 2 or more pickups are spawned at the same random place.
Just want to know how to prevent this.
Means if a random position taken out of the array is already used for a pickup i dont want it to be available for further pickups anymore.
U know what i mean?

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