Whats the best antivirus?

Whats the best antiVirus program which is very effective and can protect my computer from various malwares and hacks like key loggers, phising sites etc..
Currently i am using kaspersky 2012 full version...but it laggs my pc alot and do not remove virus untill i scan my pc 2 times..

e'Scan for better internet safety.

Mcafee for better PC safety.

I use e'Scan, PC and Internet safety.

I am using NOD32 and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for virus, worms, and stuff that is already in my computer that I can remove with ease.
It's been almost one year since I got a virus or something harmful in my PC.
Infact, you might not even need antivirus; care is the best protection. Don't go in websites you don't trust or suspicious files.

Buy me buy me Im the best!

Kiddin', I use Comodo, its great, it asks for permission even when some network wants to connect or send shit so its good against hacks and shit. No problem with it what so ever.

Kaspersky is the best for office/buisiness PC's IMO.

For a home/family computer i'd say NOD32 or Avast.

avg, by far. just for sake of simplicity i use it..

Kaspersky has probably one of the largest databases for signatures.

AVG probably has the smallest database.

if you want free antivirius then you should use avg or mse

Your brain is the smartest and best anti-virus.

If you're smart you won't download infected files.

Ok so i think Kaspersky , NOD32 and Avast are the best so far..

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