About forward

forward bool:SendMessage(colour,text[]);
public bool:SendMessage(colour,text[])

forward SendMessage(colour,text[]);
public SendMessage(colour,text[])
What is the difference...

Honestly never used Boolean's before, but if not correct, they can only be assigned either true or false. I don't see why you would forward a Boolean, nor do I know if it's possible.

I suggest searching Boolean's and read more about them, I can't really explain them, or you could wait for someone else to reply, of course.

Good Luck.

if you want to use a bool (true/false) then the currect way is this.
pawn Код:
forward SendMessage(bool:colour,text[]);
you only want the colour to be represented as bool
this type of defines can only be used inside the brackets that your forwarded or used stock!

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