Clickable Textdraws selection problem

Hello there.

I made a little IG admin panel using clickable textdraws.
I have a problem though! When I put my mouse somewhere, it'll select all textdraws above the textdraw that should be selected.


Does anyone know what the problem could be?

Use TextDrawTextSize for every textdraw. I'd suggest you remake the menu and give every textdraw a centered alignment. Judging from the size of your textdraws, I think TextDrawTextSize(textdrawid, 8, 20) will be good.

This is for example the fine textdraw:

pawn Код:
Textdraw16 = TextDrawCreate(585.000000, 401.000000, "Fine");
    TextDrawBackgroundColor(Textdraw16, 255);
    TextDrawFont(Textdraw16, 1);
    TextDrawLetterSize(Textdraw16, 0.500000, 2.000000);
    TextDrawColor(Textdraw16, -1);
    TextDrawSetOutline(Textdraw16, 0);
    TextDrawSetProportional(Textdraw16, 1);
    TextDrawSetShadow(Textdraw16, 1);
    TextDrawSetSelectable(Textdraw16, 1);
How do I use the TextDrawTextSize function in there?

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