How to download "Include files"

I have no clue what to do when i download an include file, it just says to put it into my pawno/includes folder. Just need someone to clear things up.

Of course, you're going to always want to include the includes into the pawno/includes folder. When you are done doing that, simply add this to the top near your other includes:

pawn Код:
#include <includenamehere>
So, lets say the include was, you would simply add:

pawn Код:
#include <ZCMD>
to the top of your script following your other includes.

zcmd doesn't begins with capital letters it begins with small letters, it will look messup if your include is in big letters


1.) Download the include you willing to use
2.) place the .inc in pawno/include
3.) if the include supports with plugin, put the .dll plugin (or .so if you are using linux) in plugins/
4.) open your script then

pawn Код:
#include <nameoftheinc>

pawn Код:
#include <zcmd> //doesn't uses plugin
#include <sscanf2> //uses plugin
5.) if the include uses plugin, and you use it on your script you must load the plugin too in server.cfg or else you will get this ("File function not found")

simply add this below the filterscripts in server.cfg

pawn Код:
then to load the given plugin above do this

pawn Код:
plugins sscanf
now load the samp-server.exe done! have fun

Gow get these files
#include <a_samp>
#include <zcmd>
#include <streamer>
#include <FloodControl>
#include <fuckCleo>
#include <Dini>
#include <Dutils>
#include <lethaldudb2>
#include <SII>
#include <sscanf2>
#include <fixes2>
#include <foreach>
#include <OPSP>

a_samp is included with Server Package. Rest of you can search on G00gle "zcmd for samp" and you will get the threads. Click download there. Do this for each individual includes. Some includes like sscanf and streamer uses plugins too so make sure to download them too.

Tip: If you dont know anything about Programming, I'd suggest and learn programming there first. It will tell you each steps of setting up your server to running it.

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