Vortex Roleplay 1 vehicles not spawning all the way.

Ok, well i downloaded the Vortex Roleplay 1 package and every time i start to spawn and save vehicles via the /spawncar and /savecar commands. They say that they save, and they show up in the vehicles.json file. However, when i load the script (Start Server) it loads only Vehicle 0, and then stops. Does anyone know what could have caused this?

I am willing to Rep+ anyone who at least helps me try to figure this out.

Thank you.

Again, they save fine, but won't load all of them. Please help. Thank you.

Here is is what i mean.

it only loads vehicle 0. No others.

do u have vehicles.djson in scriptfiles?

yes i do

lol your farther then i am, where did you find the vehicles.txt?

is there anything inside the file?
and, on loading, does it load from the scriptfiles folder, or from another folder?

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