Map Changing / Deleting + Adding

I have had an idea for creating a destruction derby server, and the only problem I can think of would be the following:

- After I have finished playing a map of destruction derby, the winner is announced etc. I would like it to travel to a new map, for variety.

+How would my script load the map?

So far, I've thought of 1 way:

-Load the objects via a MySQL db, with all of the createobject codes inside it as records (e.g listed under m1, m2, m3, m4, m5 etc.

What is the most efficient way on doing this? I want lots of maps (over 100).


You could always save it into arrays in your script itself, although this would start to get very messy. Using files would just be a mission to load a mass amount of objects at once so loading via SQLite or MySQL might be the way to go. Otherwise, you can do it the messy way and save all of the objects in the gamemode.

i recommend using this

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