Help with portforwarding.

I was going to make a stunt server for fun and when i gave the ip to my friend it came Retreving Info........
So i understod that i needed to portforward my DIR-600. So i'm portforwarding it and when i do "Save Settings" i think it would come a new ip-adress that you gonna write in "Add new server" thing. So where can i find the new ip?

(Noob on these things xD)

That site helped me how to portforward and it said that you need to press Save Settings and now your done! But it never said how to find the new IP. And now i wonder does it even gonna come a new ip or how you make it public after the portforward?

what do you mean by new ip?, your ip wont change after portforwarding.

I dunno what should i do after i have portforwarded?

after portforwarding it should work.

After i pressed Save Settings it says : You have portforwarded! Then like what should i do after that?

No one answer?

now it should work, try to allow it on your firewall too

How do i allow it?

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