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Hi guys.. I had an problem in
pawn Код:
while in game it show Audio Stream:http://localhost/mysong.mp3

but i can't hear any i need anything like plugin or else others

perhaps i am using .3d version of samp

I guess you can't, because it's not a music from internet (there isn't .com or something) and it isn't from your computer (I don't see that C:/) - if other would want to hear it, you must add this to internet hosting, because if in your computer - everybody should have the same copy of the music in the same location.

thnks for your reply

and i am not releasing my server in internet..i just using and creating server for playing lan mode with my 25 friends .. so that i used IIS server localhost to play the audio

and i don't have internet connection in my home too

and i asked that am i need any plugin to be installed in my client or in server to play audio file in local host

and also i tried this

pawn Код:
new Float:plpos[3];
but i can't hear my music..

You don't need to release your server in your internet, just upload the music there. You also don't need to install any plugin (of course there's audio plugin, but it works only for some players, who have 'something' (I don't use it) installed).

For example, upload a music somewhere (I don't know which website, because I use another way), where you can use it to play .mp3, instead of downloading. Try mediafire for example, if there is possible.

dude my Major problem is "I don't have Internet connection to host file or read files" that's why i used the local hosting server

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