Scripter needed.

Me and a friend have recently set up a server with a host an we need a trusted scripter that will be willing to help us we will need a scripter who has the ability to read and write the following features such as:

- IRC and Shoutcast
- PHP (phpadmin)

We Want to make roleplay server with features like

- House System
- Job System
- Payday system(Contract)
- Factions with a database
- Police database
- What a normal roleplay server would have etc..
- maximum features that a 0.3D server can offer

We would also want VIP system and a updated admin system.
We would also like to link the database statics to a website so user can access it online and see there stats.
We would also want people that like to work as a team with other people.

Contact us for more information
bashar0151 :- Skype
joshyhay2 :- Skype
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- :- MSN :- MSN

I think u dont get any scripters without a price.
And i think u also dont get scripters if you not updating your server to 0.3e when its released:P

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