How do i see Commands in ZAdmin 4.0?

i can't see the commands of my admin system..i tryed any cmd but it don't shows me!can someone help me please

You need to make your own command that shows you the commands your server has ...

I made an /ah(elp) for it but its at home and i'm Off-Town..
Maybe try doing it for yourself.
Originally Posted by Commands
- 4 special commands (for admins) about accounts:
/makeaccounts [name] [password]
/removeaccount [name]
/renameaccount [name]
/setaccountdata [name] [adminlevel] [score] [deaths] [kills] [money]

- 5 commands for REGISTRATION:
/register [password] (To Register an account)
/login [password] (To login in your account, if it exists)
/logout [password] (To logout off your account)
/stats (To show your stats: kills, deaths, score ecc...)
/changepass [old password] [new password] (To change your account password)

- 8 players commands:
/help (to see their possible commands)
/admins (to see how many admins are online)
/report [id] [reason] (to report to admins a cheater)
/countdown (countdown for races or other: 5 seconds)
/pm [id] [message] (sends a "Personal Message" only to one player)
/veh [car name] {if level = 0}(command to spawn a vehicle, for example: "/veh elegy" will spawn a Elegy for you)
/countdown (it's a simple countdown for races: 5 seconds and then => GO!!!)
/changename [old name] [new name] (changes name to yourself)

- 26 normal admin commands (for example /veh [car name/car id] to spawn vehicle):
/admincolor (to set yourself admin color => GOLD COLOR NAME)
/asay (Admin Public Chat: color => pink)
/announce [message] (Writes a message to all players as a GameTextForAll => Text in the middle of the screen)
/god (GOD MODE On)
/sgod (GOD MODE Off
/lock (To Lock your vehicle)
/unlock (To UnLock your vehicle)
/heal [id] [health] (To set health to a player)
/armour [id] [armour] (To set armour to a player)
/veh [car name / car id] (To spawn a vehicle)
/reports (to check last report)
/fix (To fix your vehicle)
/flip (To flip your vehicle)
/gmx (To restart GM)
/carcolor [colour 1] [colour 2] (To change colours to your vehicle [2 colors])
/admincmd1 (shows single admin commands)
/admincmd2 (shows commands which are used on ALL players: for example /ajail will jail all players)
/setweather [weather id] (To change server weather)
/settime [hour] (To change server's world time)
/setgravity [gravity] (8 is standard gravity)
/ccars (to remove ALL spawned vehicles: it deletes only spawned vehicles witl /veh. Not vehicles in GM!!!)
/cchat (to clear all chat)
/forbidword [word] (to censure a word)
**************** for config ****************

- 40 admin commands to use on players (like command /kick or /ban or /freeze ...):
/makemegodadmin (ONLY FOR ADMIN RCON: First login to make yourself admin. It will set you MaxAdminLevel = 10)
/spec [id] (you can watch a player with his CAMERA = Spectating mode ON)
/specoff [id] (Spectating mode OFF)
/warn [id] [reason] (To give warnings to a player)
/mute [id] [minutes] (To mute a player for some minutes [from 1 to 10])
/unmute [id] (To unmute a player)
/kick [id] [reason] (To kick a player)
/ban [id] [reason] (To BAN a player)
/jail [id] [minutes] (To jail a player for some minutes [from 1 to 10])
/unjail [id] (To UnJail a player)
/crash [id] (To Crash the game to a player)
/burn [id] (To burn a player)
/freeze [id] (To Freeze a player)
/unfreeze[id] (To unfreeze a player)
/eject [id] (To Eject a player from his vehicle)
/setname [id] [new name] (To set a different name to a player)
/disarm [id] (To reset weapons to a player)
/reset [id] (To reset weapons, health, armour and money to a player)
/resetwarnings [id] (To Reset all warnings: warnings from command /warn, Flood-warnings, Ping-Warnings)
/getip [id] (To see Player Info: IP and all names that player used in the past)
/givecar [id] [car name] (To Give a vehicle to a player)
/givemoney [id] [ammount] (To give money to a player)
/setscore [id] [score] (To set score to a player)
/setskin [id] [skin id] (To set a skin to a player)
* Aira slaps [id] (To slap to a player) around a bit with a large trout.
/explode [id] (To explode to a player)
/goto [id] (To teleport yourself to an other player)
/get [id] (To teleport a player to you)
/vgoto [id] (To tele you to a player with your vehicle)
/vget [id] (To teleport a player to you with his vehicle)
/teleplayer [id] [player] (To teleport a player "id" to an other player "player")
/tempadmin [id] [level] (To make a player admin only for ONE connection)
/makeadmin [id] [level] (To make a player admin)
/die [id] (To kill a player)
/setplayerinterior [id] [int id] (To set an interior "interior" to a player "id")
/weapon [id] [weapon name] [ammo] (To give a weapon to a player)
/setplayerweater [id] [weather id](To set a weather to a player)
/setplayertime [id] [hour] (To set a hour to a player)
/playerdata [id] (To see all stats of a player)

- 18 admin commands to use on ALL players:
/aheal (To set health to 100 to all players)
/aarmour (To set armour to MaxArmour to all players => 99)
/amute (To mute all players)
/aunmute (To unmute all players)
/afreeze (To Freeze all players)
/aunfreeze (To Unfreeze all players)
/ajail (To jail all players)
/aunjail (To unjail all players)
/akick (To kick all players => Not who uses it)
/aban (To ban all players => Not who uses it)
/adisarm (To disarm all players)
/areset (To reset all to all players)
/asetskin (To set a skin to all players)
/aslap (To slap all players)
/aexplode (To explode all players)
/aget (To get all players to you)
/adie (To kill all players)
/aweapon [weapon name] [ammo] (To give a weapon to all players)


Originally Posted by GoldAngel
Посмотреть сообщение
No Worries, feel free to post any question if you need help which is related to SAMP Scripting (Pawno) and SAMP Members will always be there to help out newbies

Can you make a command /setcash for level 8 and it gives the player cash please?

EDIT:How i get into rcon admin i used /rcon login password and then it saiyed second passord

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