A host that doesnt read SQLite ???


I wonder if someone could explain to me if some server hosts dont accept SQLite databases
because yesterday i used a script with database on my own local server wich worked perfectly. After that i uploaded the script into a public server host. The server crashed just after the database had to store some variables.

now when i looked into that database, all i saw was something like this
%%%%%%%%%&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&**************@@@@{}{}Boel ie***&&&&&**&

Its not the exact same but i kinda figure that the database wont be recognized by the server and i want to know why.
..Yes i also contacted the host with this question but for now they are giving me a standard mail in return like;

Thanks for your mail we will look into this a.s.a.p.

I hope you can tell me faster then them XD Cheers!

Well are you sure you using the corrent database data to connect so the user,password,host?

I guess so...please explain more what you mean.

p.s. ik heet ook Roel XD

Maybe you don`t use the corect server ip, root, password
Or you don`t have the corect plugin,check sql debug

Did you also put the database file on your host?
I'm not sure since I dont use SQLite alot but if its not there, it could crash.

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