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Hello, I am using ladmin.

How do I change the stats from showing in the mainchat and make them come up in a textdraw?

This is the code I want to come up in a textdraw.

pawn Код:
dcmd_stats(playerid,params[]) {
    new string[128], pDeaths, player1, h, m, s;
    if(!strlen(params)) player1 = playerid;
    else player1 = strval(params);

    if(IsPlayerConnected(player1)) {
        TotalGameTime(player1, h, m, s);
        if(PlayerInfo[player1][Deaths] == 0) pDeaths = 1; else pDeaths = PlayerInfo[player1][Deaths];
        format(string, sizeof(string), "| %s's Stats:  Kills: %d | Deaths: %d | Ratio: %0.2f | Money: $%d | Time: %d hrs %d mins %d secs |",PlayerName2(player1), PlayerInfo[player1][Kills], PlayerInfo[player1][Deaths], Float:PlayerInfo[player1][Kills]/Float:pDeaths,GetPlayerMoney(player1), h, m, s);
        return SendClientMessage(playerid, green, string);
    } else return SendClientMessage(playerid, red, "Player Not Connected!");

after the format

add this code >>>

pawn Код:
and then you might wanna remove the send client from return

and also you might wanna keep your textdraw arrayed

something like TextdrawStats[playerid]

so there is a unique textdraw for each player

and ALSO i hope your textdraw is created already

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