Gangwars city/location?

Hello SA-MP community.

Im planning to make a gangwars or something similar GM with my friend, pretty much allready done but not even close ready. Almost every server is located at LS, so we tought we should make something more unique or should it be there?

The question is this:
In what city or location the GM should be placed at?

Should it be in a city like LS, SF or LV? Or maybe at country side or desert? there might be included some kind of CnR system later too.

Thank you for your answers!

LS, because it's a city with gangs.

If you put it in any other city, it will be unique, but with that i mean it will be retarded. There is a reason why every gang server is located in LS.

Alltought there's gangs even in SF you say it should be in LS? Okey thanks for your comment!

I would be glad for more votes to see if everyone agrees

Las Venturas FTW!

I vote for LS

Whole San Andreas

Whole San Andreas will be added only if the server will be really popular, like 20 players in whole san andreas is booring. Thanks for voting tought

and thanks for others who voted too

Though*^ :P

Hi gay and gay

Make a few different locations and set a timer so every hour or so each player gets moved to a differen't city

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