Homehost problems.

Okay , so .. I'm not going to make a community on Homehosting but just for testing scripts I'm doing this..
so the problem is .. Before , when www.typefish.co.uk was on , I was able to homehost and all was good , after when its down , I'm not able to homehost , I mean , I cant find the IP , can anyone tell me how to do that ?

when will typefish come back ?

and yeah i tried www.whatsmyip.com and the IP which it told , I gave it to my friends and they said ,its not working..

Thanks ,

get your external ip

Well, have you checked if you've portforwarded correctly, and are there any firewall conflicts?

Use http://portforward.com/ for guides to port forward on your router
Then use http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ to see if you've done it right.

Good luck

It says its closed but when that typfish.co.uk was working , I was able to run my server easily ..
Please help ..

Well, if it says your SA:MP port is closed, you haven't port-forwarded correctly.

Typefish functions pretty much exactly like the site I gave you, it just probes a port.
The fact it's offline makes absolutely no difference.


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