Input line too long ?

format(string, sizeof(string), "{FFFFFF}%s    [ID: %d]\nTime On Server:	[ {9BFF00}%d: %d: %d{FFFFFF} ]\n\n\nKills:			[ %d ]\nDeaths:		[ %d ]\nScore:			[ %d ]\nMoney:		[ $%d ]\nWanted Level:		[ %d ]\nRegular Player:	[ %d ]\nMoney Bags:		[ %d ]\n\n/Morestats",PlayerName(ID),ID, PlayerInfo[ID][pHour],PlayerInfo[ID][pMin],PlayerInfo[ID][pSec],PlayerInfo[ID][pKills], PlayerInfo[ID][pDeaths],GetPlayerScore(ID),GetPlayerMoney(ID),GetPlayerWantedLevel(ID),PlayerInfo[ID][pRegular],PlayerInfo[ID][pMoneyBags]);
This is as much as i can show in dialog , if i add one more thing it will give me error:

075: Input line too long

My question i how to deal with this , i wanna add few more things in stats

Split the line in two formats for example

pawn Код:
new string[128]
format(string, sizeof(string),"......%s do this and that, oh fuck my line is too long", playername);
format(string, sizeof(string, "%s it doesnt matter as i continue the line here ; )..", string);
Aswell this " " is 1 character
This are " " " " two characters and this " " ten characters, get rid of them or split everything in two lines.

EDIT: oh well it doesnt allow me reply with blank spaces, just understand they count as characters..

ok , ty for answer. +rep

yes, you must format a string

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