Server lag after using MySQL in the gamemode

Hello! We have put our GM on MySQL, but it kinda lags when there are something like 2-3 players online. It is sure from the script and not from the host as it was working fine before putting mysql onto it and + we played some time on Grand Larency and no damn lag. Also if you type while jumping the text delays with 1-2 seconds. It is really annoying, can someone help us? Thanks!

Use threaded queries and just don't send an overload of queries and you should be fine.

I don't really get what you mean, could you give me an example please? Sorry but i'm a newbie when it comes about scripting.

Bump! Anyone?

May i Know Which Host You use.
Try To Contact Your Host Owner or Supporters

It is a romanian host. I tried to contact them, but they say it is from the script as well.


Is your MYSQL in a different location/server then your gameserver?

This has known to cause quite some issues as well.

No, the MySQL database runs on the same location.

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No, the MySQL database runs on the same location.
How big is the database?

There could possibly be restrictions with the my.ini file, have you tried contacting your host?

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