Looking for a mentor

Recently I have started trying to script in PAWN language and attempt to make my ideas reality. This started a week or two ago and I am slowly getting to grips with the basics, however I am struggling now as I get onto the harder stuff. I learn through watching things happen or being told what to do , so wiki's aren't helping as much as I'd like them too.
I know what your thinking, lets send him the Wiki links because he's new but trust me, I've done all I can there and it has helped me get started. I'm just looking for someone who can help teach me, someone experience and preferably owning a server/gamemode.
I don't want someone to write me scripts, it would be awesome to have a server with a nice script yes, but I want to do it myself and create my server how I want it to be, also eventually helping others. The mentors won't need to voice chat me but just explain through text. You may be thinking, if he doesn't need to be told it then he can use the wiki, right? Wrong, I can not ask the WIKI questions or tell it what I don't understand. I hope you have read this without imagining me as a serious, 8 year'd noob and I look forward to seeing the responses.

I can possibly help you with some stuff.

I'd be glad to help you.
I sent my contact details to you, in a private message.

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