when i start my server and login to the game my sa-mp crashes i have tried a diffrent gamemode then it worked.please help me with this . here is crashinfo
pawn Код:
: Registers:
EAX: 0x69207325 EBX: 0x03023B73 ECX: 0x7FFFFFFE EDX: 0x0018F1D8

ESI: 0x0018F1D8 EDI: 0x0018F5FE EBP: 0x0018EE8C ESP: 0x0018EE00

EFLAGS: 0x00010202


+0000: 0x0018F5D8   0x0018F1D8   0x03023B3C   0x00000114

+0010: 0x00000001   0x00000002   0x00000003   0x00000007

+0020: 0x00000000   0x00000000   0x00000000   0x00000000

+0030: 0x00000000   0x00000000   0x00000000   0x0018EE88

+0040: 0x00000000   0x00000000   0x69207325   0xFFFFFFFF

+0050: 0x00000000   0x00000000   0x0045608C   0x0018EE88

+0060: 0x00000001   0x00000002   0x00000003   0xF40C6B4F

+0070: 0x0000FDFD   0x00456193   0x00000000   0x00000001

+0080: 0x004A7E50   0xF40CFDFD   0x00000114   0x00000800

+0090: 0x00000000   0x0018EE99   0xDF751401   0x0F00F00F

+00A0: 0x000070F1   0x14345505   0x02A25374   0xE616C6F6

+00B0: 0xC7B60542   0x32C7F662   0xD06536F7   0xFF0FF00F

+00C0: 0x0000B0F0   0xD2D2D202   0x026534D5   0xD0D2D2D2

+00D0: 0x00000000   0x000000A5   0x00000000   0x000000A5

+00E0: 0x0018EFCC   0x00000045   0x00600000   0x00630438

+00F0: 0x0018EFCC   0x77D33423   0x77D33452   0x749987C1

+0100: 0x0018F334   0x006003AC   0x00600000   0x00600150

+0110: 0x00603888   0x00603888   0x00603888   0x006038B8

+0120: 0x006038B8   0x00000000   0x000000A5   0x00000000

+0130: 0x00603888   0x0000006A   0x006324F0   0x000000EA

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