OneBip sells your information

I recently registered for OneBip and entered my cellphone information to their site (the first time I ever entered my phone number to a website).

Ever since then, I've been receiving scam text messages and other stuff like:
Click this to claim:"


"I'm coming home tonight brother! Where should I drive to, whats your address?"

I recommend you stay away from OneBip as they seem to of sold my phone number to other companies who clearly want to scam me.

Just a heads up


Disclosure to Third Parties. We do not sell, rent, lease or disclose your Personal Information to non-affiliated entities (i.e., entities that are not our parent or subsidiary or affiliated companies) or entities that are not our advertisers or operational service providers, except in the limited circumstances disclosed in this Privacy Policy. If we plan to disclose your Personal Information to any non-affiliated entities, we will ask you to Opt-in and allow it, in which case their use of your information is subject to their privacy policies. We may also offer co-branded services, features and functions, which are activities, events and promotions (for example, a contest) that we put together with another third party (“Co-Branded Partner”). We may share your Personal Information with our Co-Branded Partner and your voluntary use or participation in a co-branded promotion, activity, service, feature or function means you have given your affirmative consent to us and our Co-Branded Partner to collect, maintain, store and use your Personal Information. If you wish to Opt-out of a Co-Branded Partner’s future use of your Personal Information, you will need to contact the Co-Branded Partner directly.

They are probably getting paid by companies to advertise their name.

Fine print always fucks you over.

Did you get any messages from them asking to opt in to something?

Originally Posted by ANGRYUNIBROW
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Did you get any messages from them asking to opt in to something?
No, I didn't do anything. I just registered an account.

Well, I got nothing more to say than this:

Sucks to be you!

That's why I will never use OneBip. Worthless payment method..

I have been registered with OneBip for years (almost 5 years) and even used it as a payment gateway for Vortex Servers for a few months (I don't anymore though due to insane withdrawal charges), I have never gotten such an SMS before, are you sure its OneBip sending them?

I am using Onebip For Last 2 Years and I don't Face Any Problem Till Now. May Be Some Others Have Given The Number .

Sorry, cant remember putting my phone number anywhere else; had no need to.

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