AttachPlayerObjectToPlayer in 0.3

Hello guys, today i'm trying to update the luby's FPS FilterScript, for SA-MP 0.3.
Since in sa-mp 0.3 the function AttachPlayerObjectToPlayer (Wiki) was removed in SA-MP 0.3, i can update the script using a CreateObject,
But the object(gate) that moves the visual for FPS, is visible for other players.
How can i attach a player object to a player in sa-mp 0.3?
Is there a streamer that attaches a player object to a player?
Suggestions for another way?

Sry for crappy english bot i'm italian :P


It must not to be visible for other players.

Anyone? Anything?

I think there is nothing like that. You can only attach normal objects, visible for everyone, to a player. Streamer wont help anything in this case.

My question is: Why SA_MP Team removed this function in 0.3?

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