Streaming from online Radio stations

Well , I want to stream from online radio stations , but the problem is in Links... How can i get a link for one ? I Found many radio stations but the links are like www.w/ bla bla - if i add such links will it stream ?

For Ex :

Will this work to stream ?
#2 will not work, i tested it in-game

you will just need to get a lot of songs and compress them together and host them via dropbox or your website and do it that way, unfortunately you cant stream real stations at this point in time

All links for radio streams must and in .m3u

P.S Add my radio:

The link of the 'Song' must end with .mp3

(Great refuge for this:

It does not need or be necessary to have .mp3 on the link's end, each website may be different

Like Shoutcast:

and another:

and another website:

(This is what I use in my radio command)

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