Players can't connect

Two days ago my players started complaining that they couldn't see the server online, mostly players from Chile and Argentina, I tried everything changing my scripts, game-modes, plugins, resetting bans, nothing works.
I'm not sure what to do anymore, I know that some admins have used range bans but I cleared them and it still doesn't work.
Any ideas why that could be happening?

If THEY can't see the server online in THEIR clients, then it is not a script problem. There are two possibilities: Either you banned them in your server's firewall, or SA-MP blocked them from them from seeing the masterlist. You can test the latter by asking your players if they can access/ping

ok i will try that, I'm not hosting the server on my computer, I pay a hosting company and they tell me they don't have a ban ip system in their hosting.
Like I said before I reloaded the bans list and removed all the range bans so lets see what happens
Thanks for the advice

or or you portforwarded wrong just saying you never know i use PFconfig so check it out and check my server as well

The wired thing is some people from the same country/s can get in the server but 60% of the people don't, so its not the ports or the firewall I'm guessing its something else which I haven't figured out quite right jet

hey can i chek your server anyway

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