Spam problem

Some guy entered in my server with like 100 names spamming my server and crushing it what can i do to stop em plz ?

Use the /ban command.

He enters with like 100 account then the server crashes there is no time to /ban if there is a system to block them that would be awsome

When you start your server write in the console banip HisIp

EDIT:If you don't have his ip go to server server_log.txt in your server folder and open the file. Click ctrl+f on your keyboard and write in the dialog window attacker's name ( if you remember his name ).Then you will see this


[19:14:24] Incoming connection:
[19:14:27] [join] QwerTY has joined the server (0:

[HOUR:MINUTES:SECONDS] Incoming connection: IP:PORT
[HOUR:MINUTES:SECONDS] [join] Name has joined the server (slot:IP):

Copy the Ip from txt file and go to console then write banip HisIp

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