Well not sure how to do it

Well guys here is the problem im using yini.So i want to count how many registered users there are so what i want to do is that to count users in files.

Can someone show me how to that?

Create a variable 'RegisteredUsers' and add one to it when a player registers. And of course, save it to a file, something like serverstats.ini.

No no i ment counting users in the file.Like example there are 2 users it will say 2 user counted from users file.

You can't count files in a directory.

Well, he could, somehow, but it would be soo laggy (some for&while conditions, strings from 1st and last character), but why not just add new var such as new Registered; and when you write a player ini file add also Registered++? Also, be sure to svae it somewhere so it could be loaded (when exiting sever, it's going to be destroyed).

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