SAMP 3D Renderer

I've quite a neat project going that can practically create a game within SA-MP itself. The only problem is that it can't be put to full use as it's completely server-sided (lag, incoherentness, et cetera). If there were some way to create client-sided scripts to increase such fluency it'd be even better. I'm not sure what the SA-MP devs' interests are in this, but I would greatly appreciate it if my suggestion were considered, plus it would further expand the horizons of SA-MP itself.

Note: This was run on local host, so of course it was bound to appear smooth.

Great 3D skills, but client-sided scripts are suggested for a long time and there is no response. I doubt it will be added. Some of the reasons may be that it is added in the MTA, and virus/script-modifying issues when running the client-sided scripts.

I fail to fully understand what the issue is. It's not like you're being provided shell access to clients. Care to elaborate?

It looks like a no there, Tanz.

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