Problems with main textdraws

I am having problems with textdraws on the server.
Few minutes after the player is logged in, main textdraw for money and all other textdraws disappear.
When I press esc, then instead of text like "Quit game", it shows blue squares!
And when I get back to the game after a pause, instead of all textdraws again all blue squares appear.

Help !

Use any mods?

No, this is not happening only to me :S

i got same problem how to fix this ?

This glitch occurs when the amount of tildes (the ~ symbol) for colors in a textdraw's text is odd or when a key definition is wrong (e.g. ~k~~KEY_FIRE~ instead of ~k~~PED_FIREWEAPON~).

so how to fix it i need to remove ~ or what i didnt get it i am little slow xD

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