Help with samp :|

so today i was playing samp fine, i decided to install afew mods to see if they worked, i uninstalled them and everything else, when i go to play samp, I get as far as ** [FAT]Abyss (ID:_) has joined the server. and then Gta.exe stops responding and i cant play

My whole screen just stops at a stand still, Anyone have an answer at all?!

btw, i have uninstalled and reinstalled gta sa

Sure all mods are gone?

Some can be "stuck", even if you re-install...

some mods will not uninstall, but i never had a problem with those particular mods. just a couple of new ones i was testing for someone

Ok,hmm try to delete Gta.set... And also when you have unistall sa-mp and gta sa.. Make sure there are no files left of them.. If it won't work I will see what I can do.. And tell some more info if you can/know.

Try installing the game to a different directory. For example, instead of installing it to "C:/Program Files/Rockstar Games/GTA San Andreas", try installing it to "C:/Program Files/GTA San Andreas". Windows 7 stores thing in a 'cache', and this 'cache' now probably contains your modified gta3.img file. Installing it to a different directory will make Windows think that the gta3.img file is different (which it is, but while it still exists in the normal installation folder it won't check for changes unless YOU modify it). Installing it to a different directory (a different partition, would also work) should fix the issue you are having.

the fact that i used SAMI to mod it doesnt change anything?

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the fact that i used SAMI to mod it doesnt change anything?
SAMI is quite a poor modding tool in my opinion, I personally use IMG Tool and edit the .img file manually. No matter what tool you use, it won't change the fact that the gta3.img file will be cached by Windows, though.

Have you fixed your problem?? .

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